Example Exposing Fake Article

This is the perfect example of an individual attempting to publish a fabricated article and how easily people like this are exposed. http://www.thecumberlander.ca/show2041a45s/Why_Is_Alan_de_Jersey_Embarrassed
How can he believe no one noticed he proved my point?
Information IS power.

The videos posted at Union Bay Improvement News http://www.youtube.com/user/UnionBayImprovement/videos are to provide information to the public regarding the process and decisions being made on your behalf by those who promised to represent YOUR interests.

I previously provided your government with copies of the videos, but in keeping with their policies - information is not shared.
It is impossible for people to attend all the meetings, and the miniscule information provided in the minutes and the Landowners Update are inadequate.

In keeping with my beliefs - I want all of us to know what's going on. Only videos regarding The Union Bay Improvement District will be posted. More videos will be added to keep information current.


More at: http://allthingsunionbay.blogspot.ca/


law, misappropriation is the intentional, illegal use of the property or funds of another person for one's own use or other unauthorized purpose, particularly by a public official, a trustee of a trust, an executor or administrator of a dead person's estate or by any person with a responsibility to care for and protect another's assets (a fiduciary duty). It is a felony, a crime punishable by a prison sentence.
From 2007 Mail Outs Titled "Fairness In Our Community", and posted on old blog. Still believe it to be true.
Again, if anyone thinks I’ve got my facts wrong. maryreynoldsis@hotmail.com more at http://allthingsunionbay.blogspot.com/ By the way, I’m not auditioning to become a friend etc., so I’m not interested in comments regarding my presentation, style, bluntness, politeness blah blah - get it? This is not personal – it is business – I don’t care if one of your relatives or friends or neighbors is an elected official. They are accountable – like it or not. It doesn’t matter what level of government – they are elected.

Union Bay Residents' Association - A Front For KIP

Union Bay Residents' Association - A Front For KIP
Union Bay Residents' Association - Created to Promote KIP



Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Now For Something a Little Different

This post is to add to the Wizard of Oz theme mentioned in the following excerpt from an email I received last month.

Mary, I woke up about 3 this morning and had this idea from the Wizard of
Oz, and I googled the words. The song has been in my head all morning.

Now I have renewed respect for your grit.  You are the house that fell on
the wicked witch in OZ, IMHO.  Tee hee.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The "Mob" From the December 15, 2010 Union Bay Improvement District Board Meeting

We need to set the record straight regarding what took place at the Dec. 15, 2010, Board Meeting which over 50 residents/landowners attended.  The Board claimed a 'mob' atmosphere existed and closed all monthly meetings to the public from January through April 2011.

An investigator was assigned by the Ombudsperson Office to look into my complaint regarding the meetings being closed.  He determined there was no basis to close the meetings.  He listened to the audio recording of the Dec. 15 meeting and concluded there was no 'mob' atmosphere.  There were a few comments from those in attendance, but nothing of concern.  The areas which caused concern were the actions  of the Improvement District.

The response provided to him by the Improvement District for closing the meetings was less than satisfactory.  The entire response contained numerous errors regarding procedures.  He commented on the fact an employee interrupted the Chair, answered a landowners question with false information, etc.  We all know this was normal for meetings - no one knew who was actually chairing the monthly meetings as this same individual routinely took over.

The investigator is still looking into this matter as he has many new concerns regarding the closing of public meetings.  He is also investigating my water being turned off, my correspondence and complaints 'disappearing' from 2009, conflict of interest, etc.

While discussing cases with colleagues, he has to tell them - these problems are all regarding one Improvement District.

Anyone with concerns regarding the Improvement District should file a complaint with the Ombudsperson Office.  The same investigator is handling the complaints of other residents regarding our Improvement District.

Now is the time to get everything out in the open, clean things up, get our money back from those who spent it, and make sure these actions are never repeated.

I am now free to speak about the Union Bay Improvement District Board.  I have a lot to tell about what has transpired since I received the Notice of Claim Nov. 24, 2010.

I will be posting the details about how Trustees Cleve Goldswain and Bruce Livesey were not aware of or involved in decisions by the Board of Trustees.

The money must be returned to the community.  Funds were spent in spite of legal opinions and existing legal rulings.  Those who spent these funds have no defense for doing so.  The community needs to send a strong message that those responsible cannot simply walk away and leave this six figure debt on the shoulders of landowners.

They have been given the opportunity to reimburse the community, without it costing them thousands in court costs.

I am prepared to take whatever measures necessary to retrieve these funds.  I will not stop.

By the way, this post  http://maryreynoldsunionbayblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/mysterious-slime-trail-from-comox.html refers to a piece of shit who lives in Lancaster Heights in Comox by the name of Bryan Baker.  This slug of an individual decided he would interfere in my dispute with the Union Bay Improvement District.  He takes offense to my criticism of Board members.  I believe he is a personal friend of one of the Trustees, who is completely aware of actions by the piece of shit Bryan Baker.

The Unitard on the right is also a reference to Bryan Baker.  I have no respect for this piece of shit who sent me an anonymous email calling me a number of names, including 'cunt'.  To show the intelligence of Bryan Baker, I offered $100 reward to the person who could identify the anonymous person, and guess who came forward to collect?  None other than piece of shit Bryan Baker admitting it was him.  This slug is so dumb he still thinks I would give him the reward.

At first he wanted me to donate it to the President of the Cumberland Rotary and later requested I give a donation to PAL.  Apparently piece of shit Bryan Baker's wife has something to do with PAL.  Congratulations, quite a catch you've got there.

Here's his reward:  everyone knowing what a piece of shit scumbag he and his friend really are.

Piece of shit Bryan Baker tried to intimidate me using a biker attitude.  As I previously stated 'anyone can own a Harley, you moron'.  Not very often you see a slug on one though.

Check out the slug's blog at:  maryreynoldsunionbay.blogspot.com 

Here's the slug now in all his glory.

Bryan Baker, President of the Comox Valley Slug Club