Example Exposing Fake Article

This is the perfect example of an individual attempting to publish a fabricated article and how easily people like this are exposed. http://www.thecumberlander.ca/show2041a45s/Why_Is_Alan_de_Jersey_Embarrassed
How can he believe no one noticed he proved my point?
Information IS power.

The videos posted at Union Bay Improvement News http://www.youtube.com/user/UnionBayImprovement/videos are to provide information to the public regarding the process and decisions being made on your behalf by those who promised to represent YOUR interests.

I previously provided your government with copies of the videos, but in keeping with their policies - information is not shared.
It is impossible for people to attend all the meetings, and the miniscule information provided in the minutes and the Landowners Update are inadequate.

In keeping with my beliefs - I want all of us to know what's going on. Only videos regarding The Union Bay Improvement District will be posted. More videos will be added to keep information current.


More at: http://allthingsunionbay.blogspot.ca/


law, misappropriation is the intentional, illegal use of the property or funds of another person for one's own use or other unauthorized purpose, particularly by a public official, a trustee of a trust, an executor or administrator of a dead person's estate or by any person with a responsibility to care for and protect another's assets (a fiduciary duty). It is a felony, a crime punishable by a prison sentence.
From 2007 Mail Outs Titled "Fairness In Our Community", and posted on old blog. Still believe it to be true.
Again, if anyone thinks I’ve got my facts wrong. maryreynoldsis@hotmail.com more at http://allthingsunionbay.blogspot.com/ By the way, I’m not auditioning to become a friend etc., so I’m not interested in comments regarding my presentation, style, bluntness, politeness blah blah - get it? This is not personal – it is business – I don’t care if one of your relatives or friends or neighbors is an elected official. They are accountable – like it or not. It doesn’t matter what level of government – they are elected.

Union Bay Residents' Association - A Front For KIP

Union Bay Residents' Association - A Front For KIP
Union Bay Residents' Association - Created to Promote KIP



Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kensington Island Properties Going Down Without Water - just my opinion

From what I hear, there was a 'meeting', very secret since no one seems to know who attended the 'meeting'.  

There is no way in hell the landowners of Union Bay are going to allow our water licence (the life of our community) to be ripped from us in order to turn it over to another level of government for no apparent reason.

Kensington Island Properties is not going ahead as it stands today.  

Kensington Island Properties water agreement with Union Bay will not stand up in court.  It is a useless agreement - plain and simple.  

I can and will stop it.

How is it that Kensington Island Properties was to receive a decision on the water transfer problem from a meeting last Thursday?  It appears only Kensington Island Properties knew of such a meeting.  Regional District was unaware as was UBID.  Must be very top secret.  

Bottom line:  Union Bay is being manipulated into turning over the water licence.  A resident who has been researching, advised they were under the impression our water licence couldn't be transferred without changing the Letters Patent.  We really need to know what is going on NOW.  Past history shows decisions are not being made in the best interest of Union Bay.

No one is going to help us - we have to help ourselves and have a say in OUR community.  Write a letter, do something to protect Union Bay.
  • 2006 we're promised Langley Lake won't be on the table as a source for Kensington Island Properties.  
  • 2007 we're told it has to be Langley Lake, and we have to turn over the licence as we're to be part of a regional water supply.
  • 2007 Regional District illegally changes bylaws and water source without public input - (court case successfully challenged RD).
  • 2009 we're told Langley Lake and Union Bay will not be part of Regional Water Supply.
  • 2011 we're told Regional District still expects water licence turnover as it is a condition in the Master Development Agreement with Kensington Island Properties.
  • 2012 Union Bay Improvement District advises Regional District the water licence will NOT be turned over.
  • 2012 Kensington Island Properties declares Union Bay doesn't own the licence.
The Union Bay Improvement District Board needs the landowners to back them up on their stance.  There is absolutely no reason for us to turn over the water licence.  We will be forced to buy the water we now have access to.  We cannot allow our water source to be taken from us.  It's crazy.

Feb. 24, 2010

Regional water supply strategy looks to add Cumberland, Royston

Christiana Wiens
Comox Valley Echo

A committee that looks at the future of the region's water supply is considering adding Cumberland, Royston and Sandwick to the Comox Valley Water system but leaving further developments in Union Bay, Fanny Bay, Black Creek and Oyster River to their own water sources.
The suggestion is just one of the many solutions to water supply being discussed at the regional water supply strategy.
It was released in a Comox staff report to council, outlining the impact of the strategy on Comox taxpayers.
"These are just the preliminary recommendations," said Glenn Westendorp, the town's public works superintendent. But the work so far shows that extending the current system far south and north isn't practical. Instead, Union Bay and other outlying communities would be on their won."They would use one of two options - either ground water or increase the capacity of their existing reservoirs," said Westendorp.
He also writes that the expanded Comox Lake system will require a deep-water intake, treatment plant and new large diameter transmission main at a cost of about $50 million to build.
Another $1.7 million would pay for annual operating costs.
The costs include the operations costs over the lifespan of the infrastructure.
Westendorp says Comox could expect a 100 per cent increase in bulk water rates to pay for the expansion.
Comox and Courtenay residents may have to pay for most of the expansion itself as the costs would be too expensive for smaller jurisdictions.
However, some of the costs could also be 'muted' by development cost charges, billed to developers, after land is developed.
The new members of the Comox Lake Water System would also mean the town would have less voting power on the team that controls the system.
© Comox Valley Echo 2009

Sept 14, 2007

Sept. 4, 2007

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Information About Owner Of Kensington Island Properties is Inaccurate, in my opinion


I have a problem with the following information displayed on the fake Union Bay Community website. http://theunionbaycommunity.com/vision/developer/

Brian McMahon

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, KIP vice-president Brian McMahon has resided in British Columbia for 38 years and made his home in the Comox Valley for the past 10. As project manager, he has an intimate knowledge of the KIP landscape and was instrumental in the revitalization of Hart/Washer Creek. He’s now a director of the Hart/Washer Creek Salmon Enhancement Society.
McMahon has an extensive background in residential and commercial construction throughout B.C. He’s also worked under contract to the provincial government as project manager administering federal and provincial tourism programs for the province. And, while vice-president of Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, oversaw a significant expansion of the facility. During the mid 1990’s McMahon served as a negotiator during the controversial Commission on Resources and the Environment. Over the years he’s even found time to be involved in provincial politics.
McMahon has negotiated client real estate holdings with foreign governments and, for a while, was in the aircraft modification and agricultural/aviation business in California. He’s also owned two U.S. corporations, a trade show production company and a consulting firm specializing in corporate downsizing of real estate holdings.

I may not be very bright - but I know these figures do not add up to 10 years. Just like everything else associated with Kensington Island Properties, in my opinion.
 May 20, 2005
Wendy and her husband Brian, who married in 1970, have lived in Fairmont Hot Springs since 1987. http://www.leg.bc.ca/mla/37thparl/mcmahon.htm

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Number One Fan

My number one fan hit the big 400 today.  I shouldn't get too excited as it's probably one of those people who say they never read my blog.  Some people visit four to six times a day and obviously, not getting much sleep.  Check it at 1:00 am and then back at 6:00 am.  Had no idea I was so important. :)

Look at this one:  January 18 to Jan. 28, 2012.   Hell, I don't look at it this much.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Union Bay Is Getting Bulldozed Again

We all know Union Bay is NOT going to be part of the Regional Water System, which was supposedly the reason the transfer of the water licence became an issue.  We all know the Regional District does not have the authority to demand the transfer, and now, has no reason for insisting upon it.  We cannot allow this to be pushed through.
Remember This?
Local · 14th September 2007
By Colleen Dane
Record Staff

Sep 14 2007

Those in favour of the proposed Kensington Island Properties development and those against it — those who supported incorporation of Union Bay and those who opposed it — all came together this week in unison to say one thing:

It’s not fair that the Ministry of Community Services is demanding they give up their water rights without allowing any negotiations of when and how it will happen.

What about correspondence since 2007 by UBID regarding concerns?

Kensington Island Properties Won't Go Ahead - In My Opinion

Time To Tell Kensington Island Properties to Get Lost.

Wow, hasn`t this tune changed.  Now, the developer is making it clear, the water is coming to the development and it`s up to everyone else to accommodate that  schedule.

Union Bay Improvement District owns the licence.  The Province issued the licence to Union Bay Improvement District.  How does this developer assume UBID doesn't own it! 

Why would the landowners of Union Bay even consider turning over the water licence, knowing we will then have to purchase the water as well as pay for the distribution?  Like I've stated many times, this development is not good for Union Bay.  We are still going to pay - this development is not giving us anything, in fact, it's going to destroy the area forever.  Won't it be lovely when it's a clone of Crown Isle?  That's what is being rammed down our throats.  

This developer has been nothing but bad news since arriving in Union Bay.  We have been screwed by this lot in my opinion.  

No one should be fooled by the Regional District claiming there have been no objections to the transfer of the water licence prior to this year.  No one can say any previous Board agreed with the transfer.  The powers that be, plan on forcing this through as though it's something that was not objected to - bullshit.  

If the province forces the turning over of our water licence, I would like to start a fund to challenge the water agreement between Kensington Island Properties and the Union Bay Improvement District. 

We have the power to halt this development until Union Bay is treated fairly, or tell KIP to take a hike.

We have the opportunity to make this right.  The Water Agreement between KIP and UBID will be challenged with 100% success expected.  The Agreement is worthless and all those involved KNOW it (in my opinion). 

Those interested know how to contact me. 

We're ready to roll, says KIP boss
Philip Round
Comox Valley Echo

Developer Kensington Island Properties says it is ready and willing to start building Union Bay's new water treatment plant.

KIP vice president Brian McMahon told the Echo yesterday the assets were already in store in Langley and available to be transported to the site.

But until the issue of which local government held the water licence was resolved, they could not get going on the project.
He stressed the issue of the licence had nothing to do with KIP, but they were eager for the province to resolve the standoff - and he believed that might happen as soon as the end of this week.

"The bottom line is, the water licence is owned by the province.

"It doesn't belong to Union Bay Improvement District or to Comox Valley Regional District.

"The two parties are fighting over this, and it needs to be resolved by the owner. I believe the province will resolve it."

The proposed Kensington development, which covers 845 acres, could eventually see more than 3,000 new homes built along with a premier golf course, commercial developments and a marina, making Union Bay a new focal point of the Comox Valley.

McMahon is no stranger to delays on the mega project, having spent the past 13 years working to get the proposals approved, at times against legal challenges.

Almost two years have passed since the last major hurdle was crossed, but since then actual building (as opposed to land clearance) has been in limbo while water issues have remained a source of much debate between other parties.


Support for Kensington Island Properties in Union Bay is eroding like the Coal Hills.  It appears people are tired of the empty promises and the 'unusual' circumstances resulting in the present situation.

Union Bay isn't going to be 'stuck' with a deal, simply because of the actions of the developer.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kensington Island Properties - All Approvals - I Don't Think So!

A realtor listing a home in Union Bay has the following in his description.  I guess he's not aware of one major hurdle which is evident in the video of the UBID Board Jan. 18, 2012.

only 8 minutes south of Courtenay, 3 minutes north of the new massive Kensington development, which should get under construction soon now that all approvals are in place, which includes new marina, hillside golf course, residential and commercial development. Water supplied by inground community water system.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Coal Resistance

Saturday, Jan. 21st, Buckley Bay


 What you should know about the Raven Underground mine proposal



Dawn - To encourage a place for people to hang between the rally and the Todd Butler concert, Zocalo's Cafe is going to donate 10 percent of all dinner sales to CV Water Watch!

Please spread the word!



On behalf of the Comox Valley Water Watch.  Hope to see you at the concert.  Please send to all your friends, neighbours and contacts.

This benefit is to help pay for another Water Watch tabloid about Protecting our Water.


Todd Butler in Concert at Cumberland United Church January 21

There are a whole lot of musicians who try to be funny, but not many comedians who can play guitar or sing like Todd Butler.  A veteran of over twenty years of live performing as a guitarist/vocalist and comedian, Todd`s skills are honed to an exquisite point.  He swings easily from lambasting politicians in hilarious parodies to interpreting the latest news stories with a twist, guaranteed to entertain you with a stunning combination of musical parody, whimsical wit, outstanding musicianship, and outrageous satire.  He has also written moving songs which can bring tears to the eye.

If you`ve ever listened to CBC Radio or watched CBC TV, you`ve probably heard him.  He has been the guest host of, and a regular performer on, the show `Madly Off in All Directions``.  He has performed at jazz, folk and comedy festivals in Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver and Vancouver Island.  He has released numerous albums, including the 2003 release  `Dobro and Guitar` with Doug Cox, and the self-produced 2006 album ``Ìdle Canadian``, which earned CD of the Year, Song of the Year, and Songwriter of the Year honours at the Vancouver Island Music Awards.

Todd will be performing Saturday January 21 at a concert to benefit the Comox Valley Water Watch Coalition.  This organization has produced the Comox Valley Drinking Water Reference Guide, the 3D Watershed Map of the Valley and a newspaper insert Where Does Your Drinking Water Come From.  It has also sponsored a variety of informational public events to fulfill its mandate of increasing public awareness of the status of drinking water in the Valley.

Tickets for the concert will be available at Laughing Oyster Bookstore in Courtenay, Blue Heron Bookstore in Comox, and Polka Dot Pants in Cumberland.  Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door.  Doors will open at 7:30 pm and the music and fun will begin at 8 pm.  Cumberland United Church is located at 2788 Penrith, on the corner of Penrith and First Street.

Delores Broten
Editor, Watershed Sentinel
PO Box 1270, Comox BC V9M 7Z8


Press Release             January 17th, 2012

Speakers to Convene with Dragon at Solidarity Demo

Islanders opposed to Compliance Energy Corporation's proposed underground Raven Coal mine on Vancouver Island will unite in a festive outdoor rally on Saturday, January 21st in Buckley Bay. "Solidarity -Not Compliance!" will feature a variety of speakers drawing attention to the connection between local and international concerns surrounding coal.

The event gets underway at 1:00 pm with the arrival of a Chinese New Year's Dragon, representing solidarity with the tens of thousands of Chinese who recently protested in the streets of Haimen against the expansion of coal-powered plants there.

Ken Wu, Executive Director of BC's Ancient Forest Alliance, and Majority for a Sustainable Society (MASS) will speak in Buckley Bay about coal as a global issue. "Climate change trumps all other
environmental issues," says Wu. "Wild salmon, old growth trees, everything will be lost if we don't solve climate change. It's the number-one issue facing our planet."

Tria Donaldson, Pacific Coast Campaigner for the Wilderness Committee and a former youth delegate to the UN climate talks, will also address the rally. "It's no wonder that communities all over Vancouver Island are standing up to a proposed coal mine right in their backyards. On top of the health impacts, it is also the worst fossil fuel in terms of carbon emissions. Coal mining is a dirty industry that has no place in a climate friendly Vancouver Island."

On behalf of Comox Valley WaterWatch, Linda Safford will share information about risks to drinking water quality, and a petition to oppose the proposed Raven Coal mines in Baynes Sound. Oyster-grower Elizabeth (Bunny) Shannon, will speak to the fact that the economic livelihoods of more than five hundred residents involved in the region's aquaculture industry depend on an uncontaminated environment.

Denman Islander Des Kennedy has been active for many years in environmental and social justice issues, including co-organizing the civil disobedience campaign in Strathcona Provincial Park in 1988 and getting arrested at Clayoquot Sound in 1993. The award-winning author and journalist will lend his own unique support to the No Coal! demo on Saturday.

The event will take place on the west side of the highway, across the road from the Buckley Bay ferry terminal and kitty corner to the Petrocan Station. Parking is along the highway


Press Release- Jan. 4th, 2012

From the Pacific Northwest and throughout the US, to Asia and beyond, a global uprising is underway. From town to town, folks are reaching out to one another in solidarity through shared resistance to the mining, transport, and burning of coal.

Thousands of Vancouver Island residents and others have expressed their concerns about the threat to water, air, and economic livelihood from the proposed Raven and Bear coal mines above Fanny Bay and Cumberland, owned by Compliance Coal Corporation.

Massive demonstrations against the expansion of coal-powered plants in China have recently taken place, in the face of violent repression.

Regardless of where coal mined in BC ends up being burned, global warming, water contamination and other risks to human and environmental health know no borders", says Denman Islander Michael Nestor, a member of the Water Dragon Alliance. As one protestor in Haimen, China explained the situation there, "We are fighting for our right to breathe", Nestor adds. "Vancouver Islanders and others know we are all in this together."

Compliance Energy Corp, together with Itochu Corp of Japan and LG International Corp of Korea, own 31,000 hectares of underground coal rights from Fanny Bay to Campbell River, says Dawn Christian on behalf of the Water Dragon Alliance. These rights are owned fee simple, meaning the company will not be paying any mineral taxes to the province on the extracted coal, Christian adds.

"Solidarity -Not Compliance!", is intended to provide a peaceful opportunity for declaring our shared concerns with those protesting coal in China (and elsewhere) as well as opposition to coal mines in the Comox Valley, says Denman Island activist, Fireweed, for the Water Dragon Alliance.

"As we embark on a brand new year of resistance to the threat of coal pollution", adds Fireweed, "our January 21st event begins with the arrival of a festive Chinese dragon! 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon which, according to Chinese mythology, symbolizes boldness, perseverance, and the overcoming of obstacles".

The demo concludes with a special photo assembly, so participants are encouraged to dress for the weather, but to be creative and colourful with costumes, signs and banners.

Buckley Bay is best known as the departure point for BC ferries to Denman and Hornby Islands, and the rally will take place nearby. For further information, contact the Water Dragon Alliance at 250-335-1209.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Date to Remember

January 19th, 2011 - Democracy Trashed
One year ago today, the landowners and residents of Union Bay were locked out of the PUBLIC monthly meetings by our elected officials.  D i s g u s t i n g.

January 18, 2012 - Democracy Restored
By The Landowners of Union Bay

Q & A Portion of Meeting

The following is a link to article written regarding Jan. 18, 2012 meeting.
News Article from Echo by P Round Jan. 20 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Union Bay Improvement District January 2012 Meeting

Another meeting tonight of the Board of Trustees of the Union Bay Improvement District.  Not sure how many people attended, but a good number considering the weather.  Lots of questions answered and Trustees stayed after the meeting for those who had more questions.

Of course, more bad news, the school property sounds like an absolute nightmare.  From what I gather, whoever was handling and making decisions regarding the purchase of the school on behalf of 'us' didn't bother using a lawyer.  Is there anyone who knows how the hell we have been paying money since 2007 on a property we don't own?

You have to give this Board credit for working hard to address the mountain of issues inherited in 2011.  They've accomplished a lot in less than a year.   Speaking with the Ombudsperson investigator last week, he mentioned our ID implemented measures beyond what had been suggested by his office.  That's saying a lot considering he has mentioned during conversations regarding my complaint he's 'never had an Improvement District this interesting'.

Supporters of previous boards no longer have an interest in attending monthly meetings.  You'd think landowners would still be interested, no matter who is elected, in decisions being made on their behalf.  Everyone needs to be paying attention the same as we all need to be informed.

I almost forgot....Philip Round from The Echo was at the meeting tonight.  Poor Philip.  Word has it that he doesn't like covering Union Bay.  Philip was present the night in April 2007 when I asked THE question.  Philip thought it inappropriate for a public meeting.  

During the intermission, a Union Bay landowner approached me advising he could hear rows of sphincters tighten up when I asked THE question.

My Opinion

Wow - it's minus 8, snowing and chilly.  A little bit of winter - pretty for a day or so.
Is there anyone who doesn't know?

Friday, January 13, 2012

We Need More Development, Industry, Golf Courses, Large Homes, More Car Dealerships, Hospitals at Our Door...........

Air quality warning issued for Comox Valley

The Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with the Vancouver Island Health Authority, has issued an air quality advisory for Courtenay/Comox/Cumberland because of high concentrations of fine particulates that are expected to persist for the next three days.
Persons with chronic underlying medical conditions should postpone strenuous exercise until the advisory is lifted.
Staying indoors and in air conditioned spaces helps to reduce fine particulate exposure. Exposure is particularly a concern for infants, the elderly and those who have diabetes, lung or heart disease.
Open burning restrictions are now in effect for the Comox Valley within 15 kilometres of Courtenay City Hall for a period of three days. No new fires may be initiated and no additional material may be added to existing fires.
Tips to reduce your personal health risk:
• Avoid areas with wood smoke.
• Continue to control medical conditions such as asthma, chronic respiratory disease and heart failure. If symptoms continue to be bothersome, seek medical attention.
• Maintaining good overall health is a good way to reduce health risks resulting from short-term exposure to air pollution.

Additional tips for those with chronic underlying medical conditions:
• Stay indoors, keep windows and doors closed and reduce indoor sources of pollution such as smoking, vacuuming and use of wood stoves.
• Run an air cleaner. Some room air cleaners, such as HEPA filters, can help reduce indoor particulate levels provided they are the right size for your home and filters are changed regularly.
• Take shelter in air-conditioned buildings which have large indoor volumes and limited entry of outdoor air.
Full article:  http://www.comoxvalleyrecord.com/news/137291323.html

Monday, January 9, 2012

Will Kensington Island Properties Destroy Washer Creek?

Let's clear areas like this so houses can be built to provide jobs for the present work force.  When the time comes, we'll worry about what the purchasers of the homes will be employed at, but we'll think of something to keep a rapid pace of growth and industry.  We'll having it looking like Calgary in no time!
After all, we all love this island and can't wait to fill every nook and cranny with bigger EVERYTHING!  Right?  To Hell With Super Natural British Columbia - There's Money To Be Made Here - If You Can Get By Those Stupid Locals!

Riparian Areas Setback - 30m -  What protection is that?
For those who walk along the creek, there are numerous areas where the path is further than 30m from the creek.  30m on each side. Most of the existing path would be completely cleared if KIP chooses, according to the pic below.  30m of vegetation will quickly die in a hot summer.  The buffer to Washer Creek needs to be expanded.

Kensington Island Properties is going to destroy the natural beauty  in order to pave and plant vegetation suitable for high end homes and gated communities.
This development is not going ahead yet.  The agreement KIP has with the RD is that UBID turn over our water license - not going to happen.

I hope people will take some time to consider what will happen to the Valley with developments carving out huge chunks for mini castles for 2 people to live in.

Are people building monuments to themselves?  Is conserving energy only directed at those who live in modest homes?  Why are we trying to create a city in the country for wealthy folks?  What do we care about?  What is worth protecting?

Common Sense Group Reminded Me of This Answer I Received in May 2007

"I personally am getting tired of answering questions of details from the past that have no relevance to the present or future operations of the UBID."

"As far as we're concerned the election's over," CVCS spokesman John Davis said.

Why would anyone want to support an anonymous group?  Blindly follow???????? 
  • If you support the group, do you get to find out who is at the top of the group?

  • If an individual is willing to contribute a large sum, do they get VIP treatment? 

  • How do they know they can trust a new member to keep the identities secret?

  • Who decides if an individual can join?

  • Can I join?  If so, is it okay if I put it on my blog who is actually running The Common Sense Group (if I find out)?