Example Exposing Fake Article

This is the perfect example of an individual attempting to publish a fabricated article and how easily people like this are exposed. http://www.thecumberlander.ca/show2041a45s/Why_Is_Alan_de_Jersey_Embarrassed
How can he believe no one noticed he proved my point?
Information IS power.

The videos posted at Union Bay Improvement News http://www.youtube.com/user/UnionBayImprovement/videos are to provide information to the public regarding the process and decisions being made on your behalf by those who promised to represent YOUR interests.

I previously provided your government with copies of the videos, but in keeping with their policies - information is not shared.
It is impossible for people to attend all the meetings, and the miniscule information provided in the minutes and the Landowners Update are inadequate.

In keeping with my beliefs - I want all of us to know what's going on. Only videos regarding The Union Bay Improvement District will be posted. More videos will be added to keep information current.


More at: http://allthingsunionbay.blogspot.ca/


law, misappropriation is the intentional, illegal use of the property or funds of another person for one's own use or other unauthorized purpose, particularly by a public official, a trustee of a trust, an executor or administrator of a dead person's estate or by any person with a responsibility to care for and protect another's assets (a fiduciary duty). It is a felony, a crime punishable by a prison sentence.
From 2007 Mail Outs Titled "Fairness In Our Community", and posted on old blog. Still believe it to be true.
Again, if anyone thinks I’ve got my facts wrong. maryreynoldsis@hotmail.com more at http://allthingsunionbay.blogspot.com/ By the way, I’m not auditioning to become a friend etc., so I’m not interested in comments regarding my presentation, style, bluntness, politeness blah blah - get it? This is not personal – it is business – I don’t care if one of your relatives or friends or neighbors is an elected official. They are accountable – like it or not. It doesn’t matter what level of government – they are elected.

Union Bay Residents' Association - A Front For KIP

Union Bay Residents' Association - A Front For KIP
Union Bay Residents' Association - Created to Promote KIP



Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rick Mercer Says it Best

"The issue is, and always has been, water" Honourable Mr. Justice R. D. Wilson taken from his BC Supreme Court Judgment, April 28, 2009

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Good News - Plan on Attending TAG Meeting Everyone Welcome


Yay - I am going to become a TAG member!!!!!!

Hope there is a huge turnout.

Life is great!

I Am Committed

Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Non Story About Kensington Island Properties

"The issue is, and always has been, water" Honourable Mr. Justice R. D. Wilson taken from his BC Supreme Court Judgment, April 28, 2009

Someone predicted a non story about Kensington would surface this week.  

Is this developer predictable or what?  Scott fails to identify the meeting the quotes are provided from.  How about the date of the meeting, where the meeting took place or provide anything to indicate this is NEWS, as in new information.  It is my opinion the VP of Kensington Island Properties needed a story run and the Record is always happy to accommodate this monstrosity of a development, the editor has publicly endorsed, refusing to acknowledge any of the problems this development has caused and is causing in the community of Union Bay - again, my opinion.

Scott - you really don't want your byline on shit like this - is this journalism?  Tell the editor to do his own dirty work - just my opinion of course.  Hey, maybe I'm being too harsh here - it could very well be that the editor of the Record just read Philip Round's story in the Echo Read the Echo - it covers Union Bay - Click Here and the Record is just playing catchup.  Ya, maybe that's what happened.

Don't worry, no one has forgotten about Kensington Island Properties.  
No further ahead than you were last week.
Is there a picture of the VP pointing at something?
We know the Record finds KIP simply marvelous.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Union Bay Before Kensington Island Properties

"The issue is, and always has been, water" Honourable Mr. Justice R. D. Wilson taken from his BC Supreme Court Judgment, April 28, 2009

I have to claim ignorance prior to the fall of 2005 regarding our local government, the Union Bay Improvement District, Regional District, and the greedy unethical business people involved in shaping the Comox Valley.  Ignorance was bliss.

I will never stop asking questions - it's how I learn.

Sitting back now and looking at all the details, it's so clear what is lacking in those who believe they have 'succeeded'. A good moral compass and professional training.   It's easy to be a big fish in a little pond.  But in this little pond, when someone becomes a big fish that should be interpreted on the small scale it is.

The following are standards we currently allow/endorse:
  • Elected officials changing/ignoring by laws
  • Elected officials illegally locking out the electorate
  • Local papers run story claiming locking out is legal - no evidence - not true
  • Editor of Comox Valley Records calls into question the credibility of  2 duly elected Trustees and refuses to revisit, apologize, etc.
  • Government cuts off water without notice
  • Government refuses to re connect water - no reason provided
  • Resident Susan Hargreaves, founder of the Union Bay Residents' Association removes a paid member without notice or cause in violation of the Societies Act
  • Resident and President of Union Bay Residents' Association Susan Hargreaves continues to include the VP of Kensington Island Properties with all information regarding UBRA while excluding a paid member.
  • Person identifying himself as Bryan Baker, Business owner of Comox doesn't like what I'm saying about my government and sends emails and creates blog referring to me as a 'cunt'
  • Email forwarded to me by individual concerned for my safety as email talks about putting a "bomb in my mail box" and "someone should take her down".  Author of the email is unknown  to me other than a friend of an elected official.
  • Union Bay Waterworks Supt (off hours) and guests harass me on my property.  Waterworks Supt suddenly is unaware of property lines.  Waterworks Supt. asks me to remain as he's called landord Larry McDonald (yes that's the one) who will be arriving shortly.  Waterworks Supt. called police - Larry McDonald was not coming.  Police were advised Waterworks Supt. rented entire property and that I had no right to be on the property and was causing problems and refusing to leave.   
  • Waterworks Supt friend, Jamie Barkley sticking his head in window of  my vehicle, on my property, yelling at me that I have no business being on the property.  This is the second time Jamie Barkley has approached me demanding I establish reason for being present.
  • You will note at the end the Waterworks Supt is visible agreeing with Jamie who claims I almost ran over his dog.  Note my location - anyone who has been on this property can tell I am clearly well away from this tenants rental area.  These individuals did not like what I have asked of their elected friends and relatives.  Jamie Barkley had been hired previously by the Union Bay Improvement District part time - I don't know if the position was advertised.
  • Female Rachel, also a guest of Waterworks Supt, harasses me and then proceeds to tell me she knows who I am as she worked in a law office that handled my marital legal dealings here in the Comox Valley.  Rachel then proceeded to tell me she knew all about how my husband was trying to screw me out of money......berates me, tells me I'm acting crazy, that 'she' knows all about me..........  it went on and on as I loaded my firewood - on my property.  Here is a taste of what these people thought they had the right to do.  These two women were at me like this as I loaded firewood from a building to my vehicle, following me back and forth telling me how I had no right to be there.  Then they called the police.
  • Since the Water Supt moved into the rental the other partners own he has been well aware of what he is renting as he was advised to remove his vehicles from the Reynolds side.  In fact I welcomed him the day he told me he was moving in a few years ago.  Since I've never had any dealings with him on a personal level, I can only assume it is his belief he can treat me any way he wishes as I have challenged those he is friends with at the Union Bay Improvement District.  I'm wondering what the staff policy is regarding how employees feel personally towards landowners.  Do the employees dictate how the public will be treated?
  • Realtor representing me and 3 other sellers - all 4 right?  No - just 3 get any info or documents - I'm stonewalled.  And to top it all off there is a common denominator here too - none other than Kensington Island Properties.  Gee guys, what a coincidence!  The VP of Kensington Island Properties and I can give each other a knowing look.  
  • So called professionals involving themselves in matters because their friends/relatives have an issue with a third party.

Anyone see what I'm getting at? 

little packs of rats, never standing on their own, brave only in numbers

Isn't this man the dream of every woman? Click Here

Look what's planned for Washer Creek because of a golf course
  Never Give Up

Kensington Island Properties - It's Alway Been About Water

"The issue is, and always has been, water" Honourable Mr. Justice R. D. Wilson taken from his BC Supreme Court Judgment, April 28, 2009

 Remember how the Kensington Island Properties VP wanted to speak to the electorate before we cast our votes at the AGM in April 2011?  Why?  Who decided it would be appropriate to allow this?  This is also at a time when the electorate was illegally locked out of the UBID meetings.

Allowed to address the electorate after casting our ballots, remember how the Kensington Island Properties VP went on and on about the negotiations for the water agreement?  The VP commented on the tough negotiator representing the landowners in arriving at an agreement and the meetings back and forth.  Kensington Island Properties VP spoke highly of the process and final agreement reached.

Well, I could use a lot of space and a lot of words, but the bottom line is  We have been screwed - after all these years and the never ending list of misinformation and verbal promises by Kensington Island Properties and supporters - 
Union Bay is getting zero.



Look what has happened since  - we have been screwed by this developer and those who have promised to act in the best interest of our community.

We Will Stop This.


We Live To Fight Another Day - Right now Union Bay retains the water licence.  Feb. 14/12  Ha Ha Not Going As Planned?

You really have to wonder what this developer is up to.  Always has those dirty little fingers in matters that a developer should be kept at arms length.  Even wanted to know who from the Union Bay Improvement District was attending a meeting with The Honorable Ida Chong.  Someone needs to tell this developer Kensington Island Properties is not the spokesperson for the Community of Union Bay despite the fact it's proclaimed on Kensington Island Properties website.

What Provincial Government connections is this developer using to force Union Bay to turn over our water licence so the disease known as Kensington Island Properties can continue to ruin our community?

No doubt KIP is pulling out all the stops, frantically trying to push this through before.....................it all comes out.

B.C. General Election 1996: Columbia River-Revelstoke
Party Candidate Votes % ±% Expenditures
     NDP Jim Doyle 6,264 42.52%
     BC Liberal Brian Allan McMahon 5,172 35.10%
     BC Reform Steve V. Pinchak 2,687 18.24%
     PDA Dave Herman 282 1.91%
     Green Rhonda Smith 270 1.83%
     Natural Law Sonia Stairs 58 0.39%
Total Valid Votes 14,733 100.00%

Total Rejected Ballots 74 0.78%
Turnout 14,807 71.04%

May 20 2005 

 Obviously not a resident of the Comox Valley!

Hon. Wendy McMahon
Wendy McMahon, new Minister of State for Women’s and Seniors’ Services, was elected as MLA for Columbia River - Revelstoke in the 2001 provincial general election. 
Wendy and her husband Brian have lived in Fairmont Hot Springs since 1987. They have one child.

Hon. Ida Chong
Ida Chong, new Minister of Advanced Education, was appointed Minister of State for Women's and Seniors' Services on Jan. 26, 2004 .  Ms. Chong was first elected in 1996 in the riding of Oak Bay-Gordon Head, and was re-elected in 2001.


For the BC Ministry of Community Services, Derek Trimmer said the Ministry "fully supports the concept of the Van Lakes system," and whether the referendum produced a 'yes' or 'no' vote, the idea might still proceed.

He revealed that the Minister herself, Ida Chong, has just written a letter saying the UBID must be involved in any negotiations over water supplies, and if the village votes to become a municipality the new council - once established - would take over UBID's place at the negotiating table if any agreement had not been reached by that time. There was no way any agreement would be reached in the short or longer term without direct local involvement, Trimmer assured the meeting.

The Developer was a member of (UBRA) the group who changed the water source and formed committees for the municipality referendum.
Oct. 18 2006
Comox Valley Record
Kensington would not be taking a position on the referendum. However, in a full-page ad in both local papers, he states, “We encourage all residents of Union Bay to vote for incorporation on October 21, 2006.”

Oct 24, 2006
Comox Valley Echo, P Round
Company vice president Brian McMahon admitted he was "a little surprised" that the outcome of the incorporation referendum was a 'No' vote.
"I thought $20 million in Development Cost Charges dollars going directly in to the community
Of course he's surprised.  Since July 12, 2006, it had been decided Langley Lake would be the water source if the municipality referendum was a YES result.  The Developer was a member of the group who changed the water source.  Duh.

The following from Sept. 2007 posted on The Cumberlander:

Rodney Jones
Dear Editor:

It has been an interesting week in which, on the one hand, we learned much of the Union Bay Improvement District's (UBID) water user's views towards Minister Chong's dictate to transfer their licence directly to the CSRD for her recently mandated Regional Water Supply System (RWSS). And, on the other hand, we read of the recent wisdom given to local politicians on sustainable development for the equally mandated Regional Growth Plan (RGP). But is there not an irony here, i.e. what work has been done to accurately explain, analyze, match and justify the licence transfer for the RWSS or RGP? And, what about any potential sustainability challenges that may exist for the general public, commerce, industry, agriculture, mining, aquaculture, municipalities and all other direct beneficiaries? In this day and age, with so much knowledge and information available to the general public and stakeholders, they will no longer accept having to have blind faith in, and the lack of any interventions or participation to, outcomes that directly affect their futures.

So, where is the verifying evidence for a viable RWSS? Does it include, for example: an MoE water licence allocation model to test the supplies under back-to-back drought years; the recently published "Comox Valley Water Reference Guide" found at www.vancouverislandwaterwatchcoalition.ca for issues and data analyses; analyses of the proposed inter-basin transfers of water; any exponential effluent discharge estimates from the new diversions; issues analyses; stakeholder analyses; a Master Plan and so on and so forth? Tuning up our fragile world merits this and more.

Last week's UBID public meeting, convened by UBID, highlighted an abundance of collective wisdom and consensus in the meeting's rise to seriously question the immediate need for transferring its legal water licence for the RWSS-to-be. The RWSS would not be the first large project to go astray amongst political expediencies and, so, the question was, for what and why now? In most places now, such a significant water supply system project, to be funded locally, nationally and/or internationally, would never be successfully approached without stringent checks and estimates on:

* the viability of adequate water sourcing (here we have already seemed to drift from Langley Lake (unproven) to Van Lakes to Comox Lake supplies in search of adequate water resources. Where next, I ask, groundwater, desalination?);
* The technical and economic feasibility of benefits over costs; and
* A joint Federal/Provincial Environmental Impact Assessment serving all relevant jurisdictions and, hopefully, with a public hearing to accurately determine the balance of public interest for all social, economic and environmental considerations of the RWSS project. And, that is to say nothing of any potential show-stoppers that an EIA hearing may turn up against any aspect of the ultimate development, such as the raising of dam levels.

Perhaps this work has all been done. If so, why is it not being discussed openly?

If not, with UBID discovering that it is to hand over its legal water licence authorization now, without any of the above data or information being proven, something in the process seems more than a little undemocratic and one in which the cart is right in front of the horse. Projects done like this in the developing world, have been laughed out of town and, of course, the funding agencies followed them. Are we not higher up there with our quality standards in this relatively rich part of the world? I am sure that no-one wants to see any of the Comox Valley sold down the river. Someone, please tell me that this letter is all without foundation, and why.

Rodney Jones, Water Resources Engineer (retired), Fanny Bay.

In my opinion, it appears Kensington Island Properties is just a series of one mistake after another.  Every step of the way with this project, decisions have been made prematurely with the public being told one thing, and then 'some official' reverses the decision and throws something new in the mix.

We are not getting anything from this developer.  The water treatment system supposedly a 'gift', is in fact a loan.  KIP puts in the treatment plant and doesn't have to pay development costs until the amount of the 'gift' is used up.  Nothing for Union Bay - nothing.

In 2010 I wrote the following:
So here we are in the spring of 2010, and water is an issue with the Kensington Island Properties development. Wasn't this the original worry back in the spring of 2006? Wasn't this the issue that caused the lawsuit by BSASS, because the RD illegally changed the bylaws so Langley Lake would be the water source for KIP?

That's why we had another hearing Dec. 7, 2009, so the RD could satisfy the judges criticism; the people not being given the opportunity to speak regarding the use of Langley Lake as a water source at the March 2006 hearings. Remember Bob Long assuring us Langley Lake would not be the source?

We have been told Langley Lake would be the source for KIP until there was a regional water distribution system in place. Recently, we were told it was impractical for Union Bay to receive water from Comox Lake. Does this mean Langley Lake is the permanent source for KIP?

Now Derek Trimmer is arriving this week to inform what measures the provincial government is planning with the water license to Langley Lake. In Sept. 2007, there was a similar meeting attended by reps from the provincial government, Regional District and UBID, where the community was informed Langley Lake would be the water source for KIP or they would pull the water license.

As if the residents of Union Bay haven't had enough meetings, word has it there is to be another one on Thurs. at 7:00 p.m. to inform the community what is planned for us.

If the community had been told the truth in the beginning - the matter would have been dealt with in 2006. All the actions since March 2006, after the public hearings, have been to cover up mistakes by those in charge and find ways to push this project through.

If the Dec. 7/09, hearings were based on the belief KIP would get their water supply from Langley Lake until they hooked into a regional system, does this mean we are back in the same position again? Whatever Trimmer is going to announce, will they hold yet another hearing for KIP if the conditions have changed or will they simply push it forward again leaving themselves open to yet another lawsuit?

What a mess.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Kensington Island Properties and The Union Bay Residents Association


Details are few at this time. Distressed local resident, Susan Hargreaves (Founder of fake Union Bay Residents' Association, KIP spokesperson, Fire fighter/first responder) made an urgent call to a Trustee of the Union Bay Improvement District complaining about Mary Reynolds knowing about her resume'.   ????????

Again, details to be verified, but it is alleged Ms. Hargreaves made a statement that Mary Reynolds is sleeping with Trustee Cleve Goldswain. 

More to come as this matter is investigated.

UPDATE:  Wammy/Goldie Goldswain expected to respond within the day..............more to come on this breaking story.............. 

UPDATE 2:00 pm. Feb. 23:   More details have emerged regarding this breaking story.  According to Union Bay Improvement Trustee Cleve Goldswain, fellow Trustee Anne Alcock, who is Chair of the Fire Committee was contacted by Ms. Hargreaves who wished to make a complaint against Trustee Goldswain for leaking her confidential information to Mary Reynolds as Ms. Hargreaves believes this information could only be obtained by sleeping with Trustee Goldswain.  Trustee Alcock contacted the Fire Chief to determine if there was a problem.

I may be able to shed some light on the situation.  When Ms. Hargreaves was a the post office the other day, I asked why she didn't include the Union Bay Residents' Association in her resume'?  Looks like that must have been the spark - go figure.  

Still, considering how proudly Ms. Hargreaves was as Chair/President of the Union Bay Residents' Association.  Ms. Hargreaves took charge demanding answers from all levels of government as to what steps were being taken to ensure KIP proceeded...............................  Come to think of it, where are all those local vocal KIP supporters?  

Much more including video to come regarding this breaking story .............

UPDATE Feb. 23 2012, 8:48 pm.  Sorry, went out for Chinese......will update tomorrow.  Good people, good food, good night.

UPDATE Feb. 24 2012, 6:27 pm.  The following best describes Goldie's Official Statement to Susan Hargreaves' claim: 

Who is dumb enough to piss off Goldie?       .........nuff said.


I've always viewed the following minutes of the Union Bay Residents Association so telling.  Luckily, I kept it and I'm delighted to bring it to you again.  I hope you are paying attention as I shouldn't have to call your attention to the obvious.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: meeting July 12
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 10:07:13 -0700
From: Ruth M. McVeigh
To: Wain , Turner, Thurber , Taylor , Rogers, Reynolds, Toby Rainey Rainey darcey, Nyhof, Nicell. McVeigh, McMahon, McGroggan, McGarvey, XXXXXXX , Kolzig , Glenn , Peter , Hilborn , Hebblethwaite , Hargreaves , Grant , Geidt, Al Flawse , Lois Flawse , Fisher , Dane, Bowen, Bitten, Anderson , Goldswain

Draft minutes open for corrections and for voting on the Motion. Thx. Ruth
UBRA meeting July 12, 2006

Meeting called to order by Susan

Minutes of the last meeting and the Executive meeting were read.

Susan reported on the meeting held at Russ Hebblethwaite‚s regarding the formation of a YES committee for Restructuring. This information has been passed along to Lois.

Jim Elliott and Paul Baal have started dismantling the playground equipment.

Susan suggested a picnic at the Community Club to mark the arrival of the equipment and to spread the word of what UBRA has accomplished.

Members of the Strategy/YES committee are Barry, Mike, Bryan Fisher, Lois and Edda, with Russ chairing it and Jack Turner acting as resource and research person. Lois, Edda and Toby expressed interest in working on a strategy sub-committee which will coordinate with the YES committee.

Edda will identify supporters and prepare a list of questions which will probably be asked by residents and the committee will prepare responses.

Mike will look at tax figures and put them into clear language with copies for us by July 26 - the date on which an open forum will be scheduled. He will also do fundraising for the committee. Lois will apply for tax number.

Barry will research governance, to explain the implications for Union Bay of becoming a municipality.

Moved by Mike, seconded by Barry that Russ chair the YES committee with Mike and Jack as co-chairs and that this committee will invite input from all residents of Union Bay. (Passed by email).

Toby suggested a display ad be put in the newspapers.

Three areas will be defined - residents who are in favour, those against and those who want more information. It was mentioned that many of those who are against or uncertain are concerned about timing, so this issue must be addressed. The YES/Strategy committee will report to UBRA Directors.

All those who had Zone lists for the earlier election have been asked to update them for use.

A tentative date of July 26 has been set for an open forum, sponsored by UBRA. This will be designed to provide residents with an opportunity to talk about the prospect of becoming a municipality and to ask questions. We must have as much positive information as possible and be ready to respond to concerns about the inherent risks.

Jack Turner spoke about a report he had prepared based on information gleaned from contacts. This resulted in discussion about water - with agreement that the amount available from West Van Lakes is not as great as has been stated. Getting water from Comox Lake would involve a great expense in installing a deep intake pipe because the accessible water is contaminated. It was agreed that Langley Lake will have plenty of water if the dam is raised as proposed. The solution to the water problem will be solved by whoever is elected by residents.

It will be the responsibility and aim of the YES committee to keep the focus on the effect of Restructuring on Union Bay, recognizing that Kensington, if it goes ahead, will be part of Union Bay whereas Sage Hills will not. Barry pointed out that the issue was raised by Union Bay completely apart from Kensington, 13 years ago, because of fundamental flaws in governance.

Referring to a letter from Cliff Boldt, Edda said that the YES Committee must be ready with answers in regard to the Health Authority.

Ruth will write an article for the Echo and Record on the topic of using the school for the Library and asking for other suggestions. This will help illustrate that UBRA is working on other issues as well.

Ruth moved adjournment.
This was prior to the municipality referendum.
Note:  I have removed the email addresses of those who received this email. It appears as though I was the only one to question it.   The one name of interest is that of the VP of Kensington Island Properties. The VP received all correspondence and was aware (if not involved, IN MY OPINION, in the switching of the water source mere months after the public hearings where the community supported KIP believing CAO Bob Long promising, assuring, Langley Lake would not be considered as a source for KIP).  

The Union Bay Residents' Association, IN MY OPINION, would have cleared any information regarding Kensington Island Properties before publishing.    A reasonable person would come to that conclusion since the VP was a valued member.  Right?

Plus, the VP has never corrected any information put forth by UBRA.

Nov. 24 2006


People Interested in Kensington Island Properties

"The issue is, and always has been, water" Honourable Mr. Justice R. D. Wilson taken from his BC Supreme Court Judgment, April 28, 2009

Obviously, people are losing sleep worrying about what will happen to Union Bay's water licence problems caused by Kensington Island Properties.

This poor soul is only getting a few hours at a time 


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Taste of Fun

"The issue is, and always has been, water" Honourable Mr. Justice R. D. Wilson taken from his BC Supreme Court Judgment, April 28, 2009

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Notice to Kensington Island Properties

"The issue is, and always has been, water" Honourable Mr. Justice R. D. Wilson taken from his BC Supreme Court Judgment, April 28, 2009
If KIP can call itself the Union Bay Community. 

 I should be able to call myself VIRGIN MARY.

This is my opinion.
This development is not adding anything of benefit to our community, only taking away.  The water problems we faced before were minor compared to what has happened since KIP arrived on the scene.  We have been threatened over the last few years by those who wish to take control over our most precious possession - our water.  It's for no other reason than to accommodate Kensington Island Properties.

I'm so glad I can now devote my time and resources to what is really important.  Preventing this development from proceeding under the current conditions.  This project has been forced on us from the beginning.  There is always a paper trail.

Notice to KIP
You are a developer, a company, a machine, the purpose is to make money.  A company does not feel or care.

You hold no special status or protection from my comments/criticisms.  
Nice try. 
Better luck next time!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

All Things Union Bay Returning

"The issue is, and always has been, water" Honourable Mr. Justice R. D. Wilson taken from his BC Supreme Court Judgment, April 28, 2009
Wanted to let those who follow my blog know, I will be resurrecting All Things Union Bay in the very near future.  I've always been very fond of the title.  It's contents will suit the title.  Also an opportunity to learn my Mac (new toy) as I've read you can be more creative on your blog using a Mac rather than a PC.  Guess I'll find out soon enough.
Life is good.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Union Bay Improvement District (inherits) Offices in a Mess

January 2012 Administration Report

January 2012 Financial Report


This is another puzzling matter or maybe one of those odd coincidences that I`ve noted over the years:  The Improvement District sent out this Water Transfer Survey, ignoring what we were told more than 2 years ago.   Union Bay will not be part of a Regional Water Supply.  It was sent out in late April 2011, before the AGM.  The one where the KIP rep wanted to interfere in our democracy, and influence our votes. 

Maybe it was a set up to transfer the licence to their good pal, Kensington Island Properties.  The Water Agreement with KIP was also signed just before the election.  Another coincidence.  Just my opinion.

I would love to see the state of the files at UBID.  Word has it that `you can`t find anything`.  I bet I could find things.

Union Bay Improvement District
Landowner Survey April 2011
Summary of Results

From what I hear, the files at the UBID offices are a complete mess.  We have had a steady diet of bad news since May 2011, with pretty well every Board meeting, some new problem surfacing as they try to figure out what's going on.  What has the office staff been doing for the last 10 or so years?  It appears staff lacked the basic knowledge of filing.  Who works in an office and doesn't know how to file? 

Things are still a mess because no one has the time to go back and organize every file.  We were told over the years, we had the best employees doing a great job.  Well, in my opinion, we have employed individuals who lacked the skills and experience to be entrusted with the everyday running of our local government.  Overpaid and unqualified with no oversight has resulted in the state of our Improvement District office.

Were things always run this way, or did something happen?  Answers would be welcome. 

How can anyone go back to see what actions have been taken by those running the Improvement District for years when there is no filing system and 'poof' items that should exist - don't.  As an example, I submitted correspondence in January 2011, to the Board regarding receiving water bills for a property which I had given instructions to turn the water off; received confirmation from UBID and yet was still being billed.  I received written confirmation from the Chair confirming my correspondence would be on the Feb. 2011, Board Meeting agenda.  This was during the time the UBID closed out the electorate.  My concerns were never dealt with.  I received another bill this month totaling over $300.  I think I've been pretty patient considering it has been a year.

Plus, when I questioned why my correspondence wasn't dealt with, I received a response advising me UBID would not correspond with me.  Any info would require the assistance of my lawyer.  Ya, I've been pretty patient.

In my opinion, 'someone' has deleted/removed documents.  Only someone with access to the Union Bay Improvement District offices could have managed to accomplish it - who could have done it?

There was a previous incident where my correspondence went 'poof'.  Confirmation was provided my correspondence would be on the Oct. 21, 2009, agenda.  Poof.
  Any moron can organize a file chronologically, even me.  I'd gladly volunteer to help straighten up the files.  I'm sure there are a lot of people who would help!

Obviously, UBID can't operate efficiently under the present circumstances - major cleanups are required before it can be 'business as usual'.  It would be like having your toilet back up and just cover the shit and smell, and carry on as though nothing happened.  Make sense?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kensington Island Properties and Union Bay

Remember this?

This is how Kensington Island Properties was pushed through.  After the Judge ruled the RD had illegally changed the bylaws to allow Kensington Island Properties to use Langley Lake WITHOUT public consultation, the RD ensured the stamp of approval by allowing anyone, anywhere to support a development in Union Bay.  The decision was made by those who do not reside in Union Bay.
Employees of companies KIP does business with, owners of companies in Calgary, realtors, etc.

Wonder who the committee of concerned citizens were or was it orchestrated by KIP like the letter from their lawyer?


Water questions surround Kensington project

The Courtenay Comox Valley Record.  Courtenay, B.C.:Dec 7, 2005.  p. 4

Privatization of water from Langley Lake is not in the cards for Union Bay, says a spokesperson for Kensington Island Properties, responding to a report by the Comox Valley Water Watch Coalition that Kensington would "give the Valley's water resources to Terasen, now owned by the Texan multinational corporation Kinder Morgen."

Comox Valley Water Watch includes the Comox Valley chapter of the Council of Canadians, Concerned Citizens of Union Bay, the Canadian Union of Public Employees and individuals, according to coalition spokesperson Leslie Dickout.

Kensington spokesperson Brian McMahon said Kensington previously had a memorandum of understanding with Terasen regarding its proposed Union Bay development, but the MOU has expired and there is no ongoing agreement between the companies.

Kensington does not want to be in the utility business and plans to contract with utility companies to maintain water, sewer, electricity, television cable and similar services, McMahon said.

Union Bay water users are currently supplied by the Union Bay Improvement District, which will continue to supply them whether or not the Kensington project goes ahead.

The improvement district holds the provincial licence to pump water from Langley Lake.

The water is, in fact, owned by the Crown which issues licences to utilities which want to extract it.

If a utility company wanted to supply the Kensington development from Langley Lake, it would have to buy the water from the Improvement District, regional district staff said.

According to the regional district, the water licence could not be transferred to a private company without consent from a majority of the improvement district shareholders.

Since the improvement district is controlled by users, the improvement district would have to hold a general meeting and a majority of users would have to pass a resolution approving the transfer.

The regional district, which holds the water licence to Comox Lake, would have to go through a similar procedure to transfer its licence, staff said.

Some water licences in B.C. are held by private companies which operate utilities with varying degrees of success.

If Kensington finds enough water beneath its property to supply developers and manages to drill wells, the water licences could, in some cirmstances, be held by private companies, regional district staff said.


Olive branch offered as Kensington and CSRD seek talks

Positive signs were emerging last night that Kensington Island Properties and Comox Strathcona Regional District may be ready to back off further confrontation and try to resolve outstanding issues affecting the proposed 845-acre Union Bay development.

Positive signs were emerging last night that Kensington Island Properties and Comox Strathcona Regional District may be ready to back off further confrontation and try to resolve outstanding issues affecting the proposed 845-acre Union Bay development.
Company vice president Brian McMahon admitted he was "a little surprised" that the outcome of the incorporation referendum was a 'No' vote.
"I thought $20 million in Development Cost Charges dollars going directly in to the community rather than being shared with places as far away as Oyster River and Cortes Island would have been quite appealing.

I bet he was 'a little surprised' since it had been decided in July 2006, by members of the Union Bay Residents' Association, Langley Lake would be the water source for KIP if there was a 'YES' outcome.  The developer was a member of UBRA and if he wasn't present at the meeting, he received the email.  Can't say he didn't know can he?  This was all cooked up by the Union Bay Residents' Association, who had no authority or right to be dictating any water source.  I believe the developer was in fact behind the scenes directing the actions of UBRA (the only interest being KIP) interfering in our community, just like the attempt to interfere at the Annual General Election in April 2011, wanting to speak before we voted.  This developer has been interfering far too much in our local government and community - in my opinion.


NOTE THIS:  "The residents suggested counter-petitions, fundraising for their own lawsuits,"  There is a video of the Annual General Meeting in 2008, with a conversation suggesting fundraising to sue directors of BSASS personally in order to stop the court challenge involving the water source for Kensington Island Properties.  Democracy? 

Annual General Meeting and we have Elected officials and a bank manager casually talking about suing fellow landowners for exercising their rights.  Talking about fundraising to sue! What the hell is going on?  This is okay?  It's no wonder people are afraid to open their mouths. 

Kensington up in air, Union Bay group hears 
The Courtenay Comox Valley Record.  Courtenay, B.C.:Apr 4, 2008.  p. A.3

It will likely be the fall before anything comes of a lawsuit filed against the Comox Valley Regional District regarding Kensington Island Properties' development bylaws, said company vice-president Brian McMahon.

During this week's annual general meeting for the Union Bay Improvement District, McMahon was asked to speak to the membership because of the development's impact on their local plans.

"Many of our future plans have been stalled by the uncertainty of the Kensington Island Properties development," said then-chair of the UBID XXXXXXXXXXX.

McMahon went over the background of the development --

The first hearing date for the B.C. Supreme Court petition, filed by the Baynes Sound Area Society for Sustainability, was set for last week, but that has now been delayed until "late May, early June," said McMahon.

There were questions from the roughly 40 people who stayed over two hours into the meeting before getting to hear the update --

The residents suggested counter-petitions, fundraising for their own lawsuits, involving their federal politicians and more.

They also asked Area A director Suzanne Murray about how the regional district was going to handle the situation.

"Certainly the regional district is going to defend its bylaws ... we believe that everything was discussed," she said.

"We believe in the bylaws so we're going to defend them."

While directors of the sustainability society had been at the AGM meeting earlier in the evening, they'd left for the after-break presentation by McMahon.

McMahon said they didn't know whether they'd wait for the legal process to play out or if a new set of bylaws would be put forward --

"We haven't set a timeline,

In the meantime, the UBID is beginning to make plans on their own for things like a waste-water treatment plant and land to put reservoirs on.

They're also moving forward with the local fire department in plans to build a new hall on the old Union Bay School site, which is now owned by the improvement district.


KIP dead, or is it?
The Courtenay Comox Valley Record.  Courtenay, B.C.:Feb 8, 2008.  p. A1

"If we have to start all over again, we're done."

Looking disappointed and dejected, Kensington Island Properties vice-president Brian McMahon gathered Thursday for local reporters and told them he could not go ahead with a planned development in Union Bay after the bylaws were not approved in time for adoption at the final Comox Strathcona Regional District board meeting.

While the original set of Kensington Island Properties (KIP) bylaws were approved by the CSRD, a second set was introduced following a lawsuit by the Baynes Sound Area Society for Sustainability.

The second bylaws received third reading in November but had to be approved by the Ministry of Community Services before being considered for adoption by the regional district.

Because they were not approved and therefore not adopted, they will have to start at first reading with the new Comox Valley Regional District.

KIP is almost ready to throw up its hands and be done with it, said McMahon.

"When we learned late yesterday the bylaws were not going to be signed, we said, 'That's it.' We're now into our 12th year. If we had approval to go forward, it's still two years before we look at residential units being made available to the public.

"To see this thing delayed another year, year and a half, I don't think we're prepared to do that."

Debra Oakman, general manager of corporate services at the Comox Strathcona Regional District, received a letter from Ministry of Community Services deputy minister Dale Wall on Wednesday stating "approval of Bylaw 3063 is premature at this time."

The ministry feels there has not been enough time to consult with the K'omoks First Nation, which wrote to the minister expressing concern the development could impact archeological sites and traditional use in the area and adequate consultation had not occurred, during the ministry review process.

"Ministry staff have now reviewed all of the information provided by the CSRD and carefully considered matters of provincial interest, including provincial approvals that are still required for the development covered by Bylaw 3063 to go ahead," wrote Wall.

"Given the complexity of this matter and that approval of this bylaw would need to occur at the CSRD's final board meeting Feb. 7, the minister has determined more time is needed to complete consultations with First Nations on the Kensington development covered by this bylaw."

Ministry staff will "work proactively" with the new Comox Valley Regional District to help complete consultations and move the process forward as quickly as possible, noted Wall.

McMahon was to meet with the regional district today to discuss the future of the development. He didn't know what was going to happen, but he wasn't hopeful.

"It's a tangled web, and we're caught up in it," he said.

The KIP project can technically go ahead under the first set of bylaws, even with the lawsuit, Tom Knight, the CSRD's community planning services manager, said during the final CSRD board meeting Thursday.

McMahon feels under they cannot continue under the old bylaws because of the lawsuit. While KIP was not named in the lawsuit, he worries about continuing with the development and spending millions of dollars then having it all go under.

KIP has already spent more than $5 million on the project.

They have started work on the golf course and done consultant work on the water and sewage. While no construction has begun, they are "poised and ready to go," said McMahon.

The development would have helped the community meet its needs for a new water filtration system, a new sewage treatment system and a new fire hall, and all that is in jeopardy.

McMahon met with Union Bay residents Wednesday night, and they tried to convince him to keep going, he said.

"I love those people dearly, but there comes a point where you can't afford to continue with a project that is going nowhere. I've been so close to them for the last nine years. I'm one of them now. To walk away from them is tearing my heart out. We all wanted to see this happen."


March 6, 2011 picture with a KIP photo inset from Reclamation document, I believe to be 2005.

We're heading down memory lane as I have gone back years in my files.  I'm always so glad that I keep information.  It's pretty hard to discuss or disagree with someone, when you're relying simply on memory, without evidence to support your position.

Rezoning bid by November?
The Courtenay Comox Valley Record.  Courtenay, B.C.:Jul 29, 2005.  p. 2

Rezoning for a proposed 1,000-acre development proposed for Union Bay could go to public hearing as early as November if paperwork moves quickly, according to regional district staff.

Kensington Island Properties, which owns the land, recently filed applications for rezoning and amendments to the Official Community Plan to allow the project, staff say.

The applications have been referred to the Community Planning Committee and will likely be on the committee agenda in September. If the committee recommends approval, the application could go to the board the following month and to public hearing in November.

The Kensington property extends along the old Island Highway from Herondale Road to a point south of McLeod Road and about 1.5 miles inland.

According to Kensington vice-president Brian McMahon, the development would be phased in over 15 to 20 years and would include a marina adjacent to the coal hills that would accommodate 60 to 80 vessels, a 27-hole golf course along Washer Creek and some 1,100 residential units.

Kensington also proposes a sewage treatment and water system which could be developed in co-operation with regional district services.

About 51 per cent of the parcel would be occupied by greenspace, including the golf course, according to McMahon.

Copyright 2003 courtenay

Water a concern in Union Bay
The Courtenay Comox Valley Record.  Courtenay, B.C.:Aug 24, 2005.  p. 1

Adequate water, traffic problems and urbanization topped concerns voiced by residents at a recent discussion of Kensington Island Properties' proposed 1,000-acre development surrounding the small community.

A near-capacity crowd filled the Union Bay Community Hall and more than 20 people spoke at the public meeting on Thursday. The meeting was called by a group of residents who want to ensure they have a voice in plans for the development, said organizer Monica Hofer.

Tentative plans unveiled by Kensington in June call for hotels and other commercial development on the coal hills area, a marina in the bay, a 27-hole golf course along Washer Creek and upwards of 1,100 residential units.

The Kensington property extends along the Old Island Highway from Herondale Road to a point south of McLeod Road and extends about 1.5 miles inland.

Kensington is researching availability of underground water in the area and has suggested raising the dam at Langley Lake (which currently supplies the Union Bay water system) to increase supply.

Speaker Gerry Sando said the potential for adequate water was doubtful at best.

"They keep saying that they will build a dam and clean out peat moss (which is currently growing in the system), but we will have health problems anyway with weather and peat buildup in the lines," Sando said.

But streamkeeper Robert Grant said research indicates there will be more than enough water for the proposed development if it is conserved during winter and spring and released during the dry season.

Meanwhile, the development might help clean up Washer Creek, which streamkeepers are slowly restoring, Grant said.

"Washer Creek is like a dump with old cars leaching into the water ... the stream is a disgrace, the coal hills are a disgrace. Coal is washing out to sea all the time ... there is acre after acre of dead land out in the water."

Bev Kenner replied "You could have all the old cars cleared out of there and it won't put any more water in the creek."

Kenner said she is concerned about traffic generated by the proposed development.

"When they built the new Island Highway, people who live along the old highway thought they had died and gone to heaven, but once they put industry in here, we will have more traffic. Unless they are planning to four-lane it and put in more stop signs and stop lights, I think traffic will be a problem for us," Kenner said.

Several residents noted that many of the dwellings in the proposed development would be marketed to retired people.

"They may be 60 years old when they move here, but in 20 years they will be 80 and many of our seniors have trouble getting into extended care now," a woman said.

Meeting organizer Monica Hofer said she worried that the regional district seems to be "fast-tracking" the project without proper feedback from referral agencies and local people.

Area A regional director Suzanne Murray replied that the property would have to be rezoned before any construction could begin and and the process is in a very preliminary stage.

A number of agencies will have to be consulted and the proposal will have to go to public hearing before a final vote by the board, Murray said.

Regional district staff say the proposal is to be discussed by the regional district community planning committee on Sept. 6. The committee will likely refer it to the regional board meeting on Sept. 19.
Former UBID Chair, Lois Flawse
Candidate favours development
The Courtenay Comox Valley Record.  Courtenay, B.C.:Nov 18, 2005.  p. 4

Area A regional board candidate Lois Flawse is strongly in favour of the proposed Kensington Island Properties development in Union Bay.

Incumbent Suzanne Murray says she can't voice an opinion because of her current position on the regional board. Candidate Larry Pederson was unavailable for comment at press time.

Flawse said the proposed 845-acre project will bring jobs and an economic boost to Union Bay.

As well, Kensington Island Properties, the developer, has offered to help build a sewage collection and treatment system for both current residents and newcomers.
District Lot 7 should be set aside as a wildlife preserve and the regional district must ensure that the developer reserves adequate green space, Flawse said.

"I'm a little concerned that the regional district planning committee just doesn't have the capacity to deal with anything this large, so that is a little bit of a question mark," Flawse said.

Murray said the Local Government Act prohibits her from commenting on the development because she is the current Area A director and would likely chair a public hearing on the issue.

"I can tell you there are things about it that would be a real benefit to the community such as adequate water ... but issues have been raised by the community about matters such as water and sewage and we want all those questions answered and then we will go to the public hearing process," Murray said.

However, Murray said she could not prejudge the proposal until all the facts are at hand.

The Sell 2005

All Things Union Bay was created in April 2007, but concerns appeared prior to the blog.  I'll start with one of mine from OnlyAsking.com.  Kudos to Cliff Boldt for creating the website and providing accurate information.  My username was MrandMrs - ignore the signature - that's when I was with whatshisname.

Aug. 2006 Suzanne Murray Responds to Earl Rogers OnlyAsking.Com

Edit:  Dec. 30, 2011:  Adding another post from OnlyAsking.Com.  Oct. 18, 2006.
Right on Anne!
Oct. 17, 2006.  Kensington Island Properties
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 Dirty Little Fingers
Oct. 18, 2006 Brian McMahon, before the referendum.

Oct. 20, 2006.  June Haner

Oct. 20, 2006.  Lois Flawse, former Chair of Union Bay Improvement District.

Monica Hofer Oct. 20, 2006
Oct. 20, 2006.  Jack Turner
Oct. 20, 2006.  B. Bowen

Oct. 23, 2006 after the referendum.OnlyAsking.Com

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